The Importance of a Morning Routine

By Charlene Greene on January 26, 2022

Good Morning mug with yellow daisies

Mornings are hard, no matter how much of a morning person you are, getting out of your comfortable bed and out into the world is an undertaking most of us would rather happen much later than it does. Unfortunately, mornings can not be avoided, so instead of dreading the alarm, what if you could create your own routine that you look forward to, reduces stress, helps you to be more productive, and boosts your energy. 

I have found that creating a morning routine that I actually look forward to doing makes the transition from rest to go a lot easier. 

There is actually science behind the importance of a morning routine, here are 5 reasons scientists think it’s important:

  1. It sets the tone for the rest of your day

Allowing yourself the time in the morning to get out of bed and ease your way through the morning allows your nervous system to ease into the day as well. If you feel rushed and stressed in the morning, you can expect that feeling to linger throughout the day.

  1. Allows you to feel in charge

Instead of allowing your schedule to dictate you fast you move in the morning, you can make that choice. Determining what is important to you will help you to create a morning schedule that will allow you the time you need to get out the door in a calm and timely manner, on your terms.

  1. You will feel more productive

Spending your time doing something that you value will make you feel more productive and satisfied.

  1. You will have a less stressful morning

Taking the time you need to get ready, from start to finish with little to no interruptions is a treat that we all deserve. It is hard to find time in our regular schedule to truly focus on ourselves, but taking the time in the morning to do just that will create a more calm and satisfied you. Which means less stress throughout your day.

  1. You will have boosted energy.

Allowing yourself enough time to calmly get ready and out the door will save your energy and keep you going through your day. Imagine the amount of energy you use running around at the last minute getting ready and rushing out the door, stressing about being late. That is energy you can’t get back, so why not save it and use it throughout the day?

Sure this all sounds great, but how do you plan for a morning that gives you the time to take care of yourself and anyone else in your household that may need your attention. My best advice is to work backward with your schedule. (I’ll be using my timeline as an example)

  1. Determine what time you need to be at your destination in the morning (dropping the kids off at school, at your desk to start your day) 8:00 AM = school drop off
  2. How long is your commute? 15 minutes = Leave the house at 7:45 AM
  3. How long do you WANT to spend having breakfast / reviewing your day / tending to others? 45 minutes = 6:45 AM in the kitchen (This is the same time that I start the wake up process, teenagers are hard to convince it’s morning, so I go in at least 3 times)
  4. Ho long does it take you to get ready? From out of bed to fully clothed? 30 minutes = 6:15 AM
  5. Are you a snoozer? If yes, add another 15 minutes. =6:00 AM alarm set. 

This schedule has taken many different time variations over the years, but the means to get to my wake-up time has always been the same. 

I promise you that if you were to use this method, you will find yourself feeling more satisfied and calm when walking out the door. Of course, you may find that you need to tweak your times a little, but once you settle into your routine you will be so glad you did this.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this method and how it works for you. I would also like to talk to you one on one to see if there is any way I could help you streamline any part of your life. Send me an email or sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation to see how we could work together.

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