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5 Ways to Get the Funk Out and Back to Yourself
Life can get low down from time to time, but with a solid plan in place that includes tools that help you to see life in a new light, hopefully that funk won't last too long.

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woman pictured from above keeping a food journal, with a croissant and cup of coffee on the table
Reasons for food journaling are as different as each of us. Most commonly we think of food journaling as a way to lose weight, but this may not be your goal. Here are 5 reasons why you may want to start a food journal, even if for a short period of time.
family enjoying dinner around a table
Today I’ll give you my 5 favorite grocery store shortcuts that will get a healthy meal on the table that will help ease up the crazy, be kind to your budget and create a feeling of having done something good for yourself and your family.
Today I am all about mentally preparing for the Holidays. With a little work early in November, your future self will thank your past self for being so brilliant and efficient. So, here are my 5 ways to get your calendar / life in order now so you can sail through the Holidays from early November until January 1!

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