Guiding women to find their value through loving themselves

Through simple and sustainable steps, we will work together to help you find the power in loving yourself and dropping the guilt.

Let Me be Your Guide

Are you looking to create lasting lifestyle changes?

OR Do you struggle with setting and following through with your goals relating to your health and nutrition?

Let me help guide you through the process of setting your goals and then creating practical and obtainable steps that will help you in obtaining your goals.

Have you been directed by your doctor or practitioner to eliminate foods, or have you tested positive for food sensitivities and need guidance on how to navigate this diagnosis and make better nutritional choices?

This diagnosis / suggestion can feel like the most daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  We can work together to create a personalized plan that will lead you through those rough days of cravings or self-doubt to make better choices for your body. Giving you peace of mind and the confidence that you are capable of getting through those rough days.

Are you struggling with setting boundaries in any aspect of your life?

Boundaries can be hard, whether with other people, foods, or our own minds. Working with a coach can help you to acknowledge where and when boundaries could be set.

Do you want / need accountability to keep on the path to your goals?

Sometimes keeping ourselves accountable with our personal goals can be challenging, but with the guidance from a “friend” and a solid plan, you can keep on course and realize your goals.

If you answered YES to any of these questions or would like more information about how a Health & Lifestyle Coach can help you to meet your goals, schedule your first FREE discovery call.

My Services


Individualized Health/ Lifestyle Coaching

During this 6-month program, we'll focus on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals and live a more fulfilled life.

Available In-Person or Virtual


Pilates Programs

Whether you're new to pilates or a seasoned pro, we'll find the right program for you. Current offerings include introduction, strength, and maintenance packages.

Available In-Person or Virtual


Lifestyle Change Program

This 6-month program combines both the Health Coaching Program and the Pilates Program to help you to create the long-term lifestyle change you are longing for.

Available In-Person or Virtual

Interested in learning more about all of our services, packages, and pricing?

How do I serve my clients?



I believe that with knowledge comes power and this is no more true than with our bodies. Giving my clients the space to explore why they feel they way the do, physically and emotionally, allows each client to become the master of their own lives. This mastery of your body creates a feeling of confidence that will last a lifetime. 



I help my clients to explore all of their relationships, with food, people, exercise and the world around them in a new way that will help them to set goals that feel attainable, through small, actionable steps. This new life view allows the client to create their own boundaries around each issue as it comes with ease and a feeling that they are serving themselves to the best of their ability.



I act as a guide for my clients, allowing them to talk through the issues that arise and creating an action plan that they feel is manageable. 



Sometimes the best advice is no advice. Just sitting and listening, allowing the client to talk through their problems / issues / hesitations that are getting in the way of their goals.


No Judgement

I believe that each person is truly doing the best that they can at any given time and should be respected, heard and appreciated for what they are doing. 

What will we accomplish together?

I want my clients to leave each session feeling that they are more self-sufficient, more in control of their choices, and more aware of their body’s needs and desires. I believe that each person has very individualized needs and I will honor this in each session. Together we will create a plan that allows you to feel in control of your choices, more successful with your goals and less disappointed when you make a choice that isn’t in alignment with your goals. 

Think of me as a friend who is standing next to you, cheering you toward your goal, giving you guidance when needed and never leaving your side, always ready to encourage you and remind you of your goals.

I believe we all need some support from time to time and the bravest step is asking for that help.

My Story

I have worked in the Health and Wellness industry since 2004 as a Pilates Instructor, focusing primarily on clients who were healing from injury, wanting to gain strength for a specific sport or focusing on gaining strength, post-surgery. Over the years I began to recognize a clear pattern linking physical ailments or injuries to diet, lifestyle choices and limiting thoughts. I found that when I encouraged my clients to open up about their lives, a quicker and more holistic healing began to occur. Taking the time to evaluate their whole life, and not just the immediate injury, allowed them to physically get stronger and return to their everyday activity feeling more secure in their movements, more grounded in their bodies and more empowered in their choices.


Observing my clients’ ability to connect their mind and body and feel and see their progress is what led me to begin my studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and through this training I clarified my understanding that our physical being is affected not only by how we move daily, but by our daily consumption of both the foods we eat, but also the ideas that share our perceptions of the world.


I work with my clients, acting as a guide and mentor, to help them create goals and action plans of small, intentional and sustainable steps, allowing each client to live into a health and lasting lifestyle.


I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping people find their joy and discover their path toward creating the life they feel drawn to live.

Let's Work Together

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